We Strive For Innovation

Coast To Coast Containers has proven to be an innovative company as we assist clients in locating storage/shipping containers throughout the nation in a timely and easy to work with manner. For those wanting to eliminate the stress of finding the right container equipment at a competitive price, we are the right match for you. CTC highly values our clients time, and we strive to provide exceptional service, quality, and knowledge before, during, and after every transaction.

Our focus is on trading 20 foot (20DV), 40 foot (40DV), and 40 High Cube (40HC), single door and double door containers; However, we are indeed able to source 10 foot, half height, open top, reefer, and various other equipment sizes/types to better fulfill your needs.

The customer service provided by Coast To Coast Containers is exceptional. Working with us, you will be provided with quick response times, quality equipment, and a smooth transaction overall. Inquire with us today to find out what better suits you.

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What Makes Us Different 

Trustworthy & Knowledgeable

Trustworthy and knowledgeable founder of CTC has 10+ years of industry experience allowing the client to feel comfortable with their purchasing decisions.

Constant Communication

With the convenience of texting, e-mail, or a phone call, CTC accommodates and assists you in a timely manner.

Expansive Network

CTC has an expansive network allowing us to be able to outsource the equipment you’re looking for through various suppliers simultaneously

Our main focus is on the sale of large steel containers which can be used for storage, shipping, and unique modification purposes. We also provide equipment to help accommodate special projects such as container houses, bars, restaurants, and shops

Inquire with us today to find out which size/type of equipment better suits your needs:

  • 20 Foot

    (20DV) single door and double door containers

  • 40 Foot

    (40DV) single door and double door containers

  • 40 High Cube

    (40HC) single door and double door containers

  • We also source...

    10 foot, half height, open top, open side, reefer, and various other equipment sizes/types to better fulfill your requirements


Our Step By Step Process

  • Step 1: Client Inquiry

    Client inquires on containers needed or discusses upcoming potential project for us to help them plan

  • Step 2: Container Quote

    Once container equipment is sourced, we provide the client with a container quote via e-mail

  • Step 3: Client Confirmation

    Once client confirms that they’d like to proceed with their order, We will require their company’s name, address, contact phone number, contact e-mail, and tax ID to set up their account

  • Step 4: Invoice

    Once necessary information and documents are received by CTC, we will send the client an invoice via e-mail

  • Step 5: Payment & Release & Container

    Once client pays for the invoice, we will either e-mail a Container Release (for them to schedule their own pick up of the container) OR CTC will arrange and schedule the delivery of the container to the client

  • Step 6: Finalizing Order

    Once client receives their container, CTC will send a revised and finalized invoice showing the complete container number as containers are pulled first off the container stack

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